Come along and discover the power of your voice!

Invitation to Voices 2017 – 2018

  • Feeling inspired to develop your voice this year?
If you are inspired to creatively express yourself, and looking for something unique to do with you voice…? Then come and be part of Sound Foundation Voices for an exquisite evening of sound.
Previous experience is not required, just a willingness to take responsibility to support the weekly sessions with gentle personal practice –  about 10-20 mins daily or  3 times a week as a recommendation. This contributes to the enjoyment of the sessions with everyone giving voice together, enabling  songs, lyrics, material, concepts and voice coaching to become instinctively anchored as part of your emerging musical talent and abilities – there is no audition.  Be present in the mix for a positively entertaining vocal evening, stepping into the world of acapella singing for health, wellbeing and more …
Wednesday evenings:
  • Meeting in Selly Oak Methodist Church Hall Langleys Road B’ham B29 6HT and are open to everyone aged 18 years upwards 7.30-9.30pm  
  • Call/Text Jackie 0794 369 2067
  • Twitter: Sound Foundation @SoundFDN
  • On Offer Weekly:

i. Vocal coaching releasing the power of the voice, along with simple songs to get you started.

ii. Enabling finding your unique sound, evolving a confident voice and greater self-esteem, while shifting into your new potential – a great opportunity to explore and grow your ideas through finding your voice in a supportive group.

iii) Many styles from global, folk to popular, to devised inspired material,  will be included, as voices progress, with potentially, occasional community events/situations to share our singing as it suits.

  • What you bring to the sessions ….

Come with an open mind to have fun, along with the willingness to explore the invitation to reveal your true voice and unique sound. All this expands effortlessly supported with your own personal input during the week ready for the next session – an opportunity to take full ownership of your own unique journey.

Looking  forward to working with you soon!
Three 10 week Terms  a year 2017/2018  – half terms matching the local schools:-
  •  Autumn Term  – 4th October  (Half Term Weds 1st November) – 13th December
  • Spring Term  –   17th January  (Half Term Weds 21st February) –  28th March
  • Summer Term – 24th April  (Half Term Weds 30th May) – 4th July

Venue: Selly Oak Methodist Church Langleys Road B’ham B29 6HT

7.30-9.30pm £90 / concessions £60 per term.

Occasional drop-in fee £10 / concession £8

Payments by cash or electronic payments (no cheques) –  Thank You.

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